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Obviously now he can watch what everyone’s gonna do after the river comes out. It’s a queen, so Tilly gets there with her straight.

But Matt Brady’s willing to put in $4,000 here on the river. That’s all it’ll take there, Tilly. Two stacks of black. – [Jennifer] Call. – [Chris] She does call. – Makes my price better.

Only because you’ve been playing so much PLO though. Ace deuce, ace of hearts – I got a PLO hand. – [Joe] Great shot, so good, nice fold. – Straight. – Oh, sick.

That’s a sick hand to lose to! (laughs) – There was a chance I thought she might have had a three… – Nice hand. (Jennifer laughs) I didn’t think I was gonna win, didn’t think I lost to that.

– Set of eights. – [Joe] Great fold, Shaun Deeb. Great river, Jennifer Tilly. – Both Tilly and Eldridge now have a bunch of chips in front of them, which means there’s lot of ammo there for them to go to war.

– War! More Poker Night in America after this. – [Announcer] Poker Night in America is brought to you by our trusted friend, Kimo Sabe Mezcal.

Why settle for tequila? Step up to Kimo Sabe. – [Chris] Poker Night in America, from Rivers in Pittsburgh.

Jack Schanbacher in the four seat is straddling. Guess that means Shaun Deeb will be first. (laughter) Dave Eldridge, as we move our way around the table. – [Joe] As he reaches for raising chips with six ten suited, would you say he’s more a winner or a loser in this game? – [Chris] I would say he’s ultimately a winner for the online casinos for usa players, but he is kinda like Shaun Deeb.

He will have huge swings back and forth. But I think ultimately he’s a winning player. – [Joe] He is a maniac, and he is in big big trouble because he is up against kings and all the big hearts are getting folded. – [Offscreen Player] I lost your drink, buddy.

– [Offscreen Player] That’s all right. – [Chris] So Eldridge is calling. – [Joe] Yeah, I like a fold there.

I think he should’ve made like Crystal Wang and folded. – [Shaun] Jennifer, my wife just texted me and says, “When I’m not pregnant I should be on the show. “A few glasses of wine” and she could be as entertaining as you. – [Jennifer] (laughs) I’m sure she could.

– I always give her a hard time cause she’s still so mad that she never introduced herself to you at PCA. – Aw, I want to meet her. – She was like, she wanted to say in the bathroom, she was like, I’m Ellen Deeb’s granddaughter. – Oh my god.

– Cause then you woulda been all… – [Jennifer] That would’ve been cute. – [Shaun] She was like 6 months pregnant at the time. – She’s pregnant again? Having another kid? Congrats. – Thank you.

– That’s fantastic. – The other guy’s what like, one and a half? – [Shaun] Two. – Two? – [Shaun] He’ll be two in May.

– I was gonna say, one and a half, yeah two. – [Chris] And now a raise from Eldridge. – [Joe] Well now that Eldridge has hit top two pair, I actually do like this raise, especially if he thinks Brady’s gonna have a lot of overpair. He’s gonna get paid all the time.

And you gotta protect a two pair. – All in. – [Chris] Wow, Eldridge got Brady to put all the money in the middle, and a quick call from Dave. – [Joe] ♪ It’s the story of a man named Brady ♪ Who is raising up two very cracked up kings That’s all I got.

– [Chris] Well if that’s all you got, all Dave Eldridge got was all of Matt Brady’s chips. And he just got those. – [Joe] He covers, it’s okay. Got enough.

– Yeah, I guess you could probably call it a tilt. I was losing a lot of hands. I was down probably 25k. He three-bet me five or six times. One time I four bet light. That hand I just decided to defend ten six suited.

And you know obviously just got a gin flop against two kings. Just got really lucky to win that hand. – [Joe] Chris, we’ve got a double straddle. Sound the alarm. Okay, no alarm. It’s okay, it’s not in the budget this year anyway.

– I might pull like one of the most creative business-like trades. – Oh, that’s exciting. – [Joe] Things are getting expensive out there. Torelli makes it 600 with ace seven.

And Jennifer Tilly is making it 15. – This is ten grand. – Do we have to pay for the drinks? – No no no. We just tip them. – Okay.

– What is it? Six and then 15? – [Chris] I’m glad to see that Matt Brady folded. I’d hate to see him get stacked three consecutive hands.

– [Joe] Hey Chris, check this out. Wolf man’s got cards! – I appreciate it, everyone’s keeping an eye out for me.

No one likes Matt. – I like Matt. – [Chris] So Cletus with kings. I’m guessing we’re not staying at 1500. – [Joe] Saw a werewolf a pack of clangers in his hand.

Playin through the streets of poker, it’s a raise. – [Offscreen Player] We’ll just go ahead and put em all in the middle. – I played this bad.

– What? – I played it bad. It’s like, I pick up a hand, I’m just playing so bad. – (laughs) I played it bad. – I played it so bad!

But it’s like oh, oh okay, I was just like, somebody’ll call a 15, What does that look like? Or I’ll just make it, like whatever here. Like what does that look like? I don’t know. – [Offscreen Player] 20, 15.

– Oh I’m so stuck, I’m gonna just call. Oh, you have kings. – We have the wheel draw.

– If you have queens you’re in good shape. – [Joe] She does have queens. She is not in good shape. – Is that you? – No.

– Close? – No. – [Chris] It’s hard for that to be her. How about now? Nope, still not close.

How about now? – Why don’t I have jacks? Nice hand.

All right, how much is it, 11 something? (Daniel mumbles) – Cletus, you just, you just… – I mean it could be. It could be like threes and fives. (laughter) – I don’t know what she has.

I was like, is that you? – [Offscreen Player] Ten five three it’s like oh (beep) – Cause it could be. – Right right. You did good with your fast talking, oh I played bad. – I don’t lie.

– What? – Yeah I’m all, I’m all, yeah, I don’t lie. Yeah. A lot of people, actually recently somebody told me, he’s like man I don’t think you should talk as much when you’re in a hand. I think like, I just don’t think it helps you out.

– Sounded like he was trying to get me to call, which I reverse tell that as he’s trying to sound like he’s getting me to call because he wants me to fold. – So maybe I was doing like a reverse tell on her, then it gets to that meta game levels, and this and that but uh… yeah I just kinda say stuff. – That’s what Cletus does. He creates this little tsunami of, you’re like I don’t even know what it is. I don’t know what he’s talking about.

What? You just want the clamor to go away. Like, stop talking, stop talking! – Yeah, I talk quite a bit, whether I’m in a hand or out of it, you know.

Yeah. There’s three things you should do each day. You laugh, cry and engage in deep thought.

If I can make somebody laugh than I’m kinda making a third of their day So I just try to make people laugh I guess. – Welcome back to Poker Night in America. It takes two to tango. Who’s the better dancer? Jen Tilly, or Dave Eldridge?

– Just let the cards do the talking. – Okay. – Or dancing. Kind of mixed metaphor.

– So Brady, just sit in the one seat buddy, and print money on this. Give me 10% of your action. (table chatter) There no way you’re printing. – [Alec] You know, it might be like a 3% edge or something. – [Matt] I don’t think it’s a bad high. – [Chris] All right, so Dave Eldridge active again, makes it 400 on the ace queen.

And it looks like he’s about to tangle with Jen Tilly again. – So then you’re gonna have six combos to five combos with most numbers. – Yeah, yeah. I mean, it’s a valid point. – [Chris] Calls at ace five. – [Alec] It also depends on whether odd or even is a more likely combo in basketball.

That has something to do with it. – [Joe] And Dave Eldridge has gotten the best hand with nothing and the best draw. Jen’s got the best optimistic draw, which is running diamonds. Sometimes I like to count that a little bit. – [Chris] Back door, back door draw?

– [Joe] Yeah, why not? – [Chris] Runner runner happens a lot. – [Joe] If it happens to you, it can happen for you. – [Shaun] I wonder if that odd-even was each individual team’s score, or the total of the game? – [Chris] See, Jennifer Tilly also an optimist. – [Joe] Eldridge can call and try to hit the nut straight still.

He’s never drawing dead. And sometimes he’s gonna have the best hand already, which he did and does now! – [Chris] But there’s one of those diamonds that you were talking about. So Jen Tilly now has the nut flush draw. – [Joe] She’s actually got a royal draw.

– Three? – [Chris] Call from Dave. – [Joe] This way if the river’s terrible, you can still get away from it. – [Chris] We’re now over 10,000 as we go to the river. – [Joe] That is a great river for Dave Eldridge. Check to him.

He should be able to value bet this pretty comfortably. Of course if he doesn’t get raised, he’s gonna throw up in his mouth a little bit. – [Chris] 2,500 the bet from Eldridge. – How can Eldridge always have the best hands? It’s so sick.

– [Chris] See now I said that Eldridge was gonna be in a really bad spot and Jen decided to raise, but after she sighs like that I don’t really think she can. I mean I get that she’s an actress and all, but… – [Chris] The curiosity is just getting to Jen. She can’t help herself. There’s the call.

– Yech. – [Joe] And it’s always rough when the most live dude at the table has it. – Nice hand. Eldridge always has the best hands.

– Yeah, if she had gone all in on the river or something, I would have folded. But when she sets the river, I know that I have the best hand, but now if there’s a four straight and a flush, I just know that I can’t bet that much. – It’s so anticlimactic. – I’ll never run it twice, so it doesn’t matter. – I mean we just wait til the river to get in.

– I’m the same way. – [Offscreen Player] I’d rather run it three times than twice. – It wastes time. – [Offscreen Player] Because at least someone wins. – I agree with that more, yeah. (table chatter) – Yeah, three’s kind of fun.

You can’t get hurt, but you could, you know… – See, I believe in just letting the cards take their course. The game wasn’t made to run it more than once. You just gotta let the cards take their course. Just let it be how it’s supposed to be. – [Offscreen Player] I don’t know. I’m not that emotional about once twice or three times… – [Joe] You could run this one 100 times and Eldridge is gonna win 96 of them and two are gonna be chops.

– All the nits, like I want to run it twice. Yeah, that’s so good. Then you have, oh, if so I’d never win. Like, you win the first one, you never win the second one.

– [Offscreen Player] Twice is kinda anticlimactic, you know? – [Chris] And now up to 5,700. – [Joe] And Matt Brady’s been getting his lunch eaten today like he’s been leaving a firehouse sub unattended in a the break room fridge at the Thunderdome. – [Chris] Brady folds.

– [Joe] Good fold! – [Chris] Tilly’s all in. Eldridge calls.

– I’m glad I didn’t reload. – [Matt] Oh sick. Sorry, I shouldn’t… – I feel like I should…

I feel like… what did you say you had? – I had the same hand. – You did? – Well, not the same hand, different suits.

– [Matt] Different suits, yeah. – Take back your doll. Your little voodoo doll. – Sorry, I truly was trying to help you out! – Right, right.

(laughter) – It was cause you covered its face up! It’s not gonna help you out when you just have it blindfolded! – Covering its mouth so as not to give off any tells!

– Oh. – The problem is when I lose chips, I don’t want to get the chips back from anybody. I want to get em back from the person that I gave them to. So he’s two for two. Twice he managed to get the better of me. Her and I’ve played a lot of big pots, and I’ve had really good hands against her a lot of times.

So I can definitely understand why she’s frustrated, because I blasted her a lot. Alright lets take a Glantz at the losers Like Bobby no win. Jason Andrew loser Jennifer Tilty and Matt Brady minus preformance – [Chris] And Shaun Deeb.

Woah, somebody’s buying tonight. 43,000 in profit. And Dave Eldridge!

Pretty good session as well, up 14,000. – Time for a break, but when we come back we bring you the dramatic conclusion of Face Up with Jennifer Tilly. – Bom bom bom.