Slots Combinations

In the case of a slot with no features it just drops winning on the reals and nothing else so yeah 4% reduction for 96 to 92 would take 40% off your game time huge difference so with RTP in that respect is very important going back to that example of a slot oK we’ve got the million combinations on the reels you can only win with six 7s you get 960,000 because it’s the only result in 1 million that pays anything it’s a 96 percent RTP now let’s reduce let’s increase that to 20 pay lines for example so now to maintain at 96 percent RTP you’ve got 20 times more winning combinations possible therefore that 960,000 divides by 20 so now for getting 670 you’ll get 48 thousand 20 times less your variance coefficient still being one point zero zero the ultimate high variance now become as 5% or 0.05 but even so you know you win on 20 spins in 1 million so the volatility of 0.05 the coefficient is huge. Read more about slots combinations at CasinoSlots.

He obviously it wouldn’t happen now you used to see the coefficient of on the volatility coefficient on some games at some casinos and let me tell you it’s like naught point zero zero zero one six is quite a low volatility game and 0.03 three or some 0.0003 7 or something that’d be very high in volatility so that’s how you get some volatility that’s why you used to see a coefficient I think you still kind of looking the rules of sums so basically the slot shoot paid only 0.000 something going from that example now going back to my example you’ve got 20 pay lines now 48,000 people will in line it’s only only pays over 6 wheels 6/7 let’s say we had a feature to that game and we want that feature to have 16% of the RTP overall so now those 20 winning lines of 48,000 reduced to 40,000 you’ve now got 16 and now you’ve got 160,000 in the bank over there million spins million combinations to add to the feature to pay feature returns so on your base game you’re only now getting 80% RTP 16% is allocated to the feature.

So if you’re playing that base game not hitting the feature which quite often happens you’re playing an 80% slot and let me tell you that games like Thunder structure and Mortal romance you have about 79 80 % of the base game you have about 1 1 the bit percent allocated to the wild storm or wild desire feature and about 14 15 percent of the bonus rounds that’s how they work so when you see a slot with the feature a lot of people shy away from the same ainsworth which have always got ninety four point something percent or a ki tarah Paddy Power ninety four point two seven percent for example something like that people know 2 percent less than Annette’s last but rarely to you the player.