UBC Club Spotlight | eSports Association

I’m an engineering second-year specifically and I’m in UBC eSports Association and the UBC EDM Club I like to work out to keep myself healthy but in the same time I also like to play video games. The way I got involved in eSports is through this game Super Smash Brothers and I heard they had tournaments in the Nest so I went to one of them and the director at that time said “Hey, you seem approachable you should try to work for us” and started organizing tournaments. When I got accepted to UBC I actually looked up a list of clubs because I saw that UBC has over 400 and instantly I knew I wanted to join UBC eSports because I played a lot of video games so I was really excited I was really nervous because eSports is kind of a male-dominated club originally so I was nervous but as I joined, everyone was really welcoming. Now we have a lot more females as well so it’s good to know there are women out there that want to join and the more women that do join then the more feel comfortable coming into this space. So it’s definitely trending now that more women are joining.

I think it’s all of a balance to be honest. I mean online blackjack games are just another hobby right so as long as you work out a good balance between games and other things like school work or other hobbies then it should be fine I think. I keep a schedule so I follow my schedule pretty tightly so if I have schoolwork then I have to do school before playing games that sort of thing. I just try to find time wherever possible to play games.

This club has shown me how to work well with so many different people even working between different games you know each community is so unique and getting the chance to understand them, to work with them and to see what each game needs has been an eye-opening experience. The other really cool thing this club has provided for me is that we interact with a lot of other organizations since we are one of the largest eSports organizations in North America we get approached by tons of other larger organizations, so whenever something is happening in Vancouver you can bet UBC eSports is going to be involved. I would say definitely take the opportunity to join a bunch of clubs in first year. Find out what you like, what works for you.

I joined ten different clubs totally different from this one and you know you just have to explore a lot to find what really works for you and no matter what club it is I definitely recommend putting yourself out there.