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Whatoplay presents the Top 10 PC games of 2016. Opening our list is Sid Meier’s Civilization VI. The sixth title of the series builds upon the successes of the previous games and expansions… with some major tweaks in presentations and in gameplay. Will your civilization stand the test of time? Lead your people and surpass others in Culture, Military, Religion and Science. Explore the world, expand your cities, build wonders, strengthen your military, open trade routes, and research science and technology! In short, do whatever it takes to be a world leader. Latest changes include extended cities, limited military stacking, friendlier UI, better AI, and a lot more. This is a game with high replay value. High enough that you’ll sink hundreds — if not thousands — of hours playing it. And it’s bound to become even better with expansions right here:

It has a PlayScore of 8.77. Ninth in the ranking is SUPERHOT This game felt like it came out of a very hilarious yet persistent group of developers in a board meeting. SUPERHOT is a tactical first-person shooter with one big catch: The world moves as you move. Step inside a mysterious digital world filled with glass-shaped humans. Make every move count and plan accordingly because you’re not the only person moving. Shoot your enemies, mark that headshot and finish each of its many fun levels. One moment you’re slashing enemies with a katana, a moment later you’re left weaponless and has to kill them with your fist. It’s not easy but is sure is exciting. One more thing, the game now has a VR version for the Rift with Oculus Touch support. It has a PlayScore of 8.79 Ranked number 8 is Enter The Gungeon Gather your ragtag group of lost Gungeoneers in this frenetic and crazy bullet hell game. Devolver Digital gives you Enter The Gungeon. It is your one stop shop for fast-paced survival in its procedurally generated labyrinths. Upon these Gungeoneers lies a perilous quest, to find the ultimate gun that can kill the past.

However absurd may that be, it’s the one thing that held them together. But the path is not easy, you will be faced with Cultists and they won’t stop until you’re dead. So gather your friends, or do it alone, and set yourself ablaze with its diverse gun types, boss battles, and bullet hell. It has a PlayScore of 8.86 Seventh is Grim Dawn For a game with the same elements with Blizzard’s Diablo, Grim Dawn takes more than just inspiration. Set in a world torn apart by an eternal war, play as a character of your own choosing and explore its universe devoid with light. Aside from its dungeon crawling mechanics, the most appealing concept of Grim Dawn is the dual class system. Players can combine and customize their own level of skills as they see fit. The addition of a better loot system also makes the game less frustrating to gather junk. It has been praised for its better dungeon crawling elements that most games of the genre failed to deliver.